Çerez Örnek
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Pharmacy Education in İzmir was started in 1968 at three private colleges (Near East, Ephesus and Karataş Private Colleges) separately. One year later, these three colleges merged into the Near East School of Pharmacy to become a single Private School. Pharmacy education, which continued as a private school until 1971, became formalized in 1971 with the nationalization of these schools and started to be carried out at the School of Pharmacy of Ege University Faculty of Medicine. The School of Pharmacy, which is affiliated to Ege University Faculty of Medicine, has gained the status of Ege University Faculty of Pharmacy by the decision of Ege University Senate in 1975.


Our faculty has spent a part of its legal history in the buildings of the Near East School of Pharmacy in İnciraltı, and a large part of the teaching staff in this period has been composed of faculty members from other departments of Ege University and Faculties of Pharmacy in Istanbul and Ankara. In 1982, our Faculty was moved to Ege University's Bornova campus and continues its activities here.

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