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Department Of Pharmacognosy

Pharmacognosy is an applied science that focused on bioactive compounds from natural sources (plants, microorganisms, animals). It’s closely concerned with scientific and complementary medicine like phytotherapy,aromatherapy, homeopathy and natural products used in traditional medicine.

Research Areas
• Bioactivity guided isolation and purification studies from natural sources
• Structure elucidation of secondary metabolites
• In-vitro bioactivity studies
• Analytical  pharmacognosy  (quality control studies and quantification of bioactive compounds)
• Morphological and anatomical investigations of medicinal plants
• Plant tissue culture studies

Pharmacognosy Department Undergraduate Education

Pharmacognosy I (3rd Year-Fall semester)
Pharmacognosy I Lab. (3rd Year -Fall semester)
Pharmacognosy II (3rd Year -Spring semester)
Pharmacognosy II Lab. (3rd Year-Spring semester)
Pharmacognosy III (4th Year -Fall semester)
Pharmacognosy III Lab. (4th Year-Fall semester)
Pharmacognosy IV (4th Year-Spring semester)
Pharmacognosy IV Lab. (4th Year-Spring semester)
Phytotherapy (4th Year-Spring semester)

Academic Staff

Prof. Dr. Bijen KIVÇAK
Prof. Dr. Nehir SOMER 
Prof. Dr. Hüsniye KAYALAR
Prof. Dr. G. İrem KAYA
(Head of department)
Prof. Dr. Buket BOZKURT
Assoc. Prof.Dr. Tuğçe FAFAL
Assoc.Prof. Dr. Ahmet EMİR
Res. Asst. Dr. Burcu SÜMER TÜZÜN
Res. Asst. Dr. Ceren EMİR
Res. Asst. Çiğdem KARAKOYUN



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