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Department Of Pharmaceutical Botany


Pharmaceutical Botany deals with the study on important medicinal plants used in the area of treatment, food supplements, phytotherapy and also pharmaceutical technology. The courses emphasize the identification of plants based on taxonomy, anatomical and morphological characteristics, distribution of plants in the flora, economic values and traditional uses of medicinal plants. In this context, additional information about biologically active components, bioactivity, pharmacological activity, clinical studies and drug – plant interactions for medicinal and poisonous plants are presented.

• Identification of medicinal, beneficial, toxic and harmful plants.
• Taxonomic, morphological, anatomical and cytological studies on plants naturally distributed in flora of Turkey
• Studies on herbarium (IZEF) and phytogeographical database.
• Ethnopharmacological uses of medicinal plants.
• Research on medicinal plants and phytotherapy
• Analysis on phytochemicals and differences due to different conditions
• Isolation of secondary metabolites and structure elucidation.
• Activity guided isolation studies.
• Bioactivity studies on herbal extracts and pure compounds.
• Studies on drug and medicinal plant interactions
• Achillea, Artemisia, Centaurea, Galanthus, Hypericum, Helichrysum, Inula, Lichenes, Morus, Posidonia, Salvia, Sternbergia, Hypecoum, Ulva, Ziziphora, Cistus taxa.

Biology-I (Semester 1)
Pharmaceutical Botany-I (Semester 3)
Pharmaceutical Botany -II (Semester 4)
Pharmaceutical Botany Laboratory (Semester 4)
Joint Lessons With Other Departments
Pharmaceutical Research and Development (Semester 9)
Pharmaceutical Quality Control (Semester 9)
Cosmetics (Semester 9)
Natural Products in Pharmacy (Semester 9)

Academic Staff

Prof. Dr. Canan KARAALP 
Prof. Dr. Şüra BAYKAN (Head of Dept.)
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gözde ELGİN CEBE
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bintuğ ÖZTÜRK
Res. Asst. Dr. Serdar DEMİR


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