Faculty of Pharmacy


Pharmaceutical Sciences Research Centre has three sub-laboratories. These are:

  1. 1. Pharmaceutical Analysis Sub-Laboratory,
  2. 2. Pharmaceutical Formulation Sub-Laboratory,
  3. 3. Molecular Biology Sub-Laboratory.
    1. Science and technology sector,
    2. Pharmaceuticals and healthcare sector,
    3. Other sectors requesting service appropriate to the infrastructure potentially

will benefit from Faculty of Pharmacy Pharmaceutical Sciences Research Centre potential.

Pharmaceutical Sciences Research Centre will be available to researchers with following opportunities:

  1. Analysis and research resources by the equipmental infrastructure,
  2. Reaserch cooperation via colloborative projects,
  3. Sharing experience and information through seminars, professional training programs and workshops.


Pharmaceutical Analysis Sub-Laboratory aims to be an analytical laboratory which is configured to make direct or indirect contribution to scientific projects varying from fundamental elemental analysis to sophisticated sample analysis.

In this context, modern qualitative and quantitative analytical methods, such as LC-MS, LC-MS/MS, ICP-MS, FT-IR, fluorescence and absorbance spectroscopy, GC-FID and GC-MS, for the analysis of drug substance and metabolites and for their trace analysis in real samples are deployed in the Pharmaceutical Analysis Laboratory.

Pharmaceutical Analysis Sub-Laboratory Services

  1. Modern qualitative and quantitative analytical tests and determinations empowered by the hardware infrastructure.
  2. Method development and analytical method validation studies.3. Professional training and consultancy services.


Pharmaceutical Formulation Sub-Laboratory has been founded by innovative approach for creation advanced pharmaceutical concepts. The essential goals of this laboratory are; development of formulation model strategies for optimizing the effect of the drugs, attainment of various drug target strategies, definition and modification of properties of drug dissolution and diffusion, improvement of ingredients formulation for stabilization of drug content and design of different controlled release systems.

Pharmaceutical Formulation Sub-Laboratory aims to improve the research studies on controlled drug release delivery, improve the efficiency of drug formulation, increase the patient safety and compliancy with drugs, and improve the research of nanotechnology design and its stability.

Pharmaceutical Formulation Sub-Laboratory Services

  1. Quality control of pharmaceutical products
  2. Stability studies of pharmaceutical products
  3. Cosmetic testing
  4. Development of pharmaceutical formulations
  5. Vocational training and consultancy services


Molecular Biology Sub-Laboratory aims to investigate the molecular mechanisms of diseases like cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cystic fibrosis, bacterial infections and neurodegenerative diseases, and to develop novel drugs and drug formulations against therapeutic targets enlightened by molecular mechanism studies.

Molecular Biology Sub-Laboratory Services

  1.  Basic molecular biology techniques (Isolation of genetic material, quantification, imaging etc.)
  2. Cloning
  3. Site directed mutagenesis
  4. Manufacturing and purification of recombinant proteins
  5. Gene expression analysis
  6. Cell proliferation and migration analysis
  7. Molecular Biology related imaging services
  8. Bioactivity tests
  9. Training and consultancy services.

Policy of Pharmaceutical Sciences Research Centre

The policy of Pharmaceutical Sciences Research Centre is to become a center of excellence in research and development with national and international quality standards.

Organization Chart

  • a. Pharmaceutical Sciences Research Centre Coordinator
  • b. Sub-Laboratory Instructors:
    • Head of Pharmaceutical Analysis Sub-Laboratory
    • Head of Pharmaceutical Formulation Sub-Laboratory
    • Head of Molecular Biology Sub-Laboratory
  • c. The device’s user and follow-up
  • d. Quality Management Officer
  • e. Laboratory Technical Management Officer

Consultancy and Training Services

Science and technology sector, particularly pharmaceutical and healthcare sector could get consultancy service from Pharmaceutical Sciences Research Centre.Certain times of the year, scientific based equipment and laboratory trainings will be organized for academicians and service demanders.