Çerez Örnek
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Ege University Faculty of Pharmacy;

To create an infrastructure for scientific research in all related disciplines, especially pharmaceutical sciences;

To develop joint scientific projects with various institutions and organizations;

To ensure that scientists conducting research in different fields can carry out joint studies with a multidisciplinary approach;

To provide consultancy, analysis services, research collaboration, product development and training activities in areas of professional responsibility;

To provide effective university-industry cooperation by responding to the solution and service demands from the pharmaceutical industry.

He established a central research laboratory called the Pharmaceutical Sciences Research Laboratory (FABAL). FABAL, which was established with the support of the Under secretariat of State Planning Infrastructure Project, consists of 3 sub-laboratories: Pharmaceutical Formulation Laboratory, Molecular Biology Laboratory and Pharmaceutical Analysis Laboratory. FABAL serves the researchers of our university and other institutions and organizations within the framework of the determined usage conditions with its existing device infrastructure.


You can access FABAL Web Pages at http://fabal.ege.edu.tr.

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