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Candidate Students

Dear Candidate Student,

Welcome to our faculty webpages. In this section we aim to briefly  introduce you to pharmacy profession and our school.

As Ege University Faculty of Pharmacy;

What Kind of Pharmacist Are We Targeting in Our Education?

We are targeting pharmacists who aim to raise the level of health and quality of life of the society, who has high level knowledge and skills in research, production, testing, storage, preservation, correct use and side effects of pharmaceutically active substances and preparations and presentation of them to the patient, who can provide consultancy to other health care professionals and patients,  who contribute to prescription and monitorization of drug treatment, who has effective communication skills, who adopt lifelong learning as a principle, devoted to ethical values and who hold social and universal qualifications of the profession.

In which fields do our graduates serve?

Pharmacists who have graduated from our faculty are working as healthcare professionals in community pharmacies, in hospital clinics and hospital pharmacies as well as in all departments of pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry. In addition, pharmacists are actively involved in education and research activities as academician and researcher in these mentioned fields.

What do we transmit in pharmacy education?

Our programme is 5 years. During this period, vocational sciences training is carried out on the basis of chemistry  and biological sciences. Pharmacy education requires intense practical training. In the first four years of pharmacy education students achieve basic pharmacy concept and in the fifth year students are directed to elective courses in the fields of community pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, and industrial pharmacy which are the main fields of our profession. In addition, in the fifth year, our students prepare a graduation project and as a part of their Professional internship, they do internship in a community pharmacy. In order to earn a pharmacist diploma, there is a requirement to carry out a professional internship in a community pharmacy for at least 6 months during the training period. You can find more detailed information about our education under the “Education” section in our faculty web pages.

Do We Have International Exchange Programs?

Our faculty, as part of the European Union Education and Youth Programs Lifelong Learning Program (LLP) have been carrying out student exchanges with European Universities upon bilateral agreements. You can find more information about Lifelong Learning Program (LLP) at our university Socrates-Erasmus web pages ( You can also find out more about our international student exchange activities under “International Relations” section in our homepage.

What facilities do we offer to our students?

You can find detailed information in our university homepage under “Campus Life” section about the social and cultural facilities offered to our students in our campus by our university and faculty. If you wish you can visit our faculty and meet face to face.

Would you like to contact us?

You can contact us at the following phone numbers or by e-mail. We will be happy to answer your questions about our faculty.


Contact details:

Dean’s Office
Phone: +902323882241

Ege University Faculty of Pharmacy
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